Dumpster Rentals used for Hazardous Waste in Detroit, Michigan

by Sherman Rogers

Improper disposal of household and industrial waste puts the public at risk. Chemicals and other hazardous materials contaminate soil and groundwater. Non-biodegradable materials improperly disposed of create pollution and sanitary issues for private and public properties. To avoid eyesores in illegal dumping areas, contamination of food and water, and safety risks caused by dangerous objects, proper waste disposal is critical.

Household Cleaners

Household chemicals pose a risk to the environment. Such chemicals are dangerous for animals, soil, and water. Examples of dangerous household chemicals are cleaners, pool chemicals, aquarium products, solvents, paints, insecticides, detergents, and automobile products like oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. Be sure your dumpster rental service is aware of what you are disposing of.

Take all automotive products to a facility specifically geared toward removing automotive wastes. Make sure you use as much of a household chemical from the container as possible. Determine the best time to dispose of the product, considering outside temperature before disposing of the bottle. Follow the disposal directions marked on certain containers. If possible, keep chemical waste and chemical containers separate from other waste and try to place it all in one area.

Debris from Construction Sites

Controlled or regulated substances are hazardous to the environment if disposed of improperly. Materials that are not dangerous are unsightly when dumped in an unauthorized area. There are specific facilities for disposing of constructions materials such as lumber, brick, concrete, and metal. Be sure to use a qualified facility for disposing of materials and debris from construction sites.

Hazardous Waste

It is very dangerous to illegally dump controlled or regulated hazardous substances in an unauthorized area. These chemicals are a health risk to people, pets, wildlife and the environment. The risk is often fatal to those who are exposed. Use caution when disposing of hazardous waste to protect our environment. Your local waste removal service can advise you as to how to properly dispose of hazardous waste materials.

Possible Solutions

Cut down on your use of household cleaners that are dangerous to the environment. Call someone who specializes in hazardous waste removal to handle biological and other hazardous waste. For other large trash removal needs, consider a dumpster rental service. The dumpster rental service will provide the proper container to meet your needs and

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