Environmetally Friendly Rug Cleaning

Cleaning your area rugs can not only be an arduous project, but it can also have a harmful effect on Mother Nature. A number of rug cleaning solutions on the market today include dangerous chemicals and substances that can impact the environment adversely. If we are not aware, we’re going to certainly do some irreversible damage to the environment through the use of an excess of needless chemicals. We must take every measure possible to defend our environment, regardless of how minor. These measures can include seeking alternative options to our usual rug cleaning products.

Having clean area rugs does not have to happen at the cost of our environment. The good news is, there are a lot of rug cleaning solutions that are very eco-friendly and just as capable as the products we are all used to. Here are a few Earth-friendly cleaning solutions you can use to ensure your area rug gets clean while not harming our environment.

Vinegar – Vinegar is usually found in the kitchen. It helps make our food taste awesome. Unknown to many though, is it can also be a powerful cleaning agent for getting rid of stains from your area rugs. To use vinegar for stain removal you need to mix one part of it with two parts water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply it to the stain. Utilize a little of the mixture each time. Utilizing too much of any type of cleaning solution at once offers the possibility of adverse circumstances. You can always add more afterwards. Blot the area using a clean towel and discover how beneficial it can be. You might need to repeat the procedures a couple of times but you’ll end up having a clean area rug whilst helping the environment.

Beer – Beer can be a refreshing reward after a hard days work but it also has another use, cleaning stains off of your rug. To remove stains from your area rugs, try pouring a few drops of beer over the soiled area. Next, use a clean towel or cloth to softly agitate the stained area. Blot the area and add a few more drops as necessary. Before you know it, the stain is gone. Beer is a particularly effective tool for cleaning coffee stains from your rugs.

The two of these solutions are great when it comes to cleaning rugs and they also won’t have the detrimental side effects that many common cleaners will have on the environment. Give Nature some assistance by employing these helpful alternatives the next time you have to clean stains off of your rugs.

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