Important Facts About Bed Bugs

Hiding in the darkest corners of our homes, in our lovely backyards and almost everywhere around us are creepy crawlers like mosquitoes and bed bugs. Most of the time, these insects are vectors of life threatening illness and yet we don’t realise the danger that they pose upon us and our family. Yes, we might not perceive it, but they are threats to our health and we must take things e arnestly.

bed bugs: A Threat To Our Health

Basically, bed bugs are pests harbour in bed frames, home furniture, beds and cracks and crevices at home. Even though they do not cause and spread life threatening illnesses as much as mosquitoes do, their impact of infestation can be as damaging as mosquitoes and other pests.

Bed bugs, as wingless insects feed on blood and since their saliva carries chemical substances that numb the skin, the bite is frequently unnoticed until it becomes apparent because of red itchy welts and rashes that appear. While the bite per se is not dangerous, if you scratch non-stop the area might develop into an open wound which may eventually lead to infection. Furthermore, there are instances when the frequent and recurrent bites lead to psychological trauma that leads to anxiety and fear of being bitten again.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs Invasion

As the clich goes, prevention is better than cure. There are a number of ways to avoid infestation through the subsequent bed bugs control ideas.

First thing is to keep the bed or furniture free from bed bugs. Consequently, as much as possible do not buy second hand beds and other furniture as there are possibilities that these are infested with bed bugs. However if you really need to purchase a used item, you must make sure that it doesn’t have any bed bugs or have it treated before you take it home.

Also, if you’re travelling and you need to stay in a hotel, it’s always best to assess and check the bed and furniture for bed bugs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later on. Additionally, it is advised that you should not put your personal things on the floor and on the bed as the bugs can transfer to your things.

Without a doubt, bed bugs are annoying dangerous creatures and as much as we would like to get rid of them, we cannot deny the fact that that endeavour is a overwhelming task. As such, we have to remain keen in preventing these pests to infest our homes.

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