The 4 Drum Spill Pallet System That Keeps Chemicals Off The Floor

All of the chemicals that are used throughout the manufacturing process can and do get on the floor from time to time. These spills create one or both of two problems. The first one is, of course, a slip hazard and the second is the danger of the employees being exposed to something that may affect their health. These problems can be all but eliminated by the use of a 4 drum spill pallet system.

When chemicals are able to leak out of the drums or barrels they are delivered in and get on the floor, the spill they create must be followed up with procedures proscribed by the EPA. This involves the paperwork, cleaning, checking and verifications designed by that governmental agency. This is a time consuming, labor intensive process that should not have to happen if every thing is being handled in a safe way.

The production line will have to be shut down when a spill of this nature is discovered. The personnel will be moved to other areas or to the break room. Material that has not been contaminated will also be moved out. Barriers will need to be erected to keep all out except those authorized to enter. Those authorized will be the hazardous material personnel, specially trained for this cleaning.

The professional hazardous material people will be dressed in personal protective gear and armed with the necessary tools, supplies and neutralizing agents needed. They will use absorption materials to soak up all of the substance that has spilled. These items will be placed in a specially labeled drum for disposal.

The special neutralizing chemicals will ensure the area is safe to go back into. This agent, after being mopped up, will be placed into the barrel for disposal as well as the clothing used by the cleaners. A check the area for cleanliness and the verifications that must accompany the reports will be conducted.

The cleanliness of the area will have to be determined with the proper testing. It may need to be re cleaned because of what is found. The verification will be sent with the final report to the authorities. Third parties may be necessary to ensure the objective reporting depending on the type of chemical and or size of the spill.

When using the 4 drum spill pallet system, the vast majority of this cleaning will not be needed. If a spill occurs, it flows down through the grates, on this pallet, and into the reservoir in the bottom. This pallet is made from a non reactive material with enough room to hold all of the chemical that is in the drums that are placed on it. That chemical will stay in the reservoir until it is cleaned out. When that leak occurs, the pallet can be moved away from that area and the process line continues to work. The drums are removed, drained and the chemical goes back to the area in a new container.

The 4 drum spill pallet will be cleaned out and placed back into service as well. This is the way to prevent any drum or barrel from leaking onto the floor making a spill. This will assist in making sure employees and the facility is safe. It will prevent the very costly clean up and prevent the damage done to the reputation of that company.

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