The Basic Steps For Raccoon Removal Before Consulting An Expert

One of the cutest but most mischievous pests to make a mess in your yard and trash would be Raccoons. You would think that they would be good as pets, but some people would irresponsibly release them to the wild in an unconsulted manner which would be one of the causes for them to go rampant in an area.

In the beginning, Raccoons were introduced to USSR, Germany, and also in France, basically for the utilization of their fur. Recently though they have been beyond control and is now invading a lot of urban households like in Rolling Hills, California. In raccoon removal Rolling Hills have options ranging from doing it yourself repellants or the last resort of calling up animal control.

There are offers from some pest control agencies in using sound waves to irritate the hearing of the animals, preventing them from going further. It is a variation of an alarm system with infrared detector to set off the sound waves with frequencies 14 up until 25 megahertz. But this is just a not so practical way of doing it. You still have quite a few options.

Keeping your garbage and other food waste properly disposed would prevent them from scavenging your bin. Once they have access to this, most likely it is not only your bin would suffer, but the rest of your yard and garden would be messed up the morning after.

Double bagging your food waste would prevent it from smelling, thus preventing the raccoons from finding out if there is food in it. But even if they do find out, you can place a lid over the bin and top off a huge rock or brick so they cannot even get to it. Your waste should be secured and regularly disposed as well.

Locking your windows and doors properly is a good measure. Take note also of the pet doors you have and secure them tight. Raccoons are great climbers are well, so they can reach your attic if you have branches from a tree reaching to it so make sure to trim them. They might have invaded your attic already if that is not the case.

If you do find out that they are now living in the attic, don’t force the out by yourself, especially when mating season has already passed and they have little raccoons born there. They could be very aggressive and you need to reach animal control for this sort of situation.

Repellants would be another option. A concoction of Jalape’s, cayenne powder, and onion boiled in water, then strained into a bottle spray. Another mix would be hot sauce, the hottest one you can get, and detergent powder mixed with one gallon water. Spray these at the border of your house, plants, or fences. The smell would be too strong for them to go near.

You can also set traps. Although do this with caution in terms of legal matters in your state, especially with what to do with the trapped raccoon and if you need to dispose them or relocate them. If the above mentioned did not work for one reason or another, get in touch with your wildlife or animal control experts.

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