The Flag Company Inc And Pennsylvania Flag

Pennsylvania’s flag was first authorized in 1799. The current flag is a more modern version of the same flag. The current design became official in 1907.

One of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn as a haven for his fellow Quakers. Pennsylvania’s capital, Philadelphia, was the site of the first and second Continental Congresses in 1774 and 1775, the latter of which produced the Declaration of Independence, sparking the American Revolution. After the war, Pennsylvania became the second state, after Delaware, to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

The Pennsylvania Flag has a blue background, in the center of which there is a state coat of arms. The shape of the Pennsylvania Flag is said to be tending towards a squarish form than a rectangular one.

The current flag dates from June 13, 1907. Pennsylvania is the second state of the union, gaining statehood on Dec. 12, 1787. It is one of the original 13 colonies that united to form the union of the United States. Pennsylvania’s state nickname is the Keystone State.

The coat of arms in the center of the flag symbolizes Pennsylvania’s strengths. It features sheaves of wheat, a farming plow, and a corn stalk – all symbolizing agricultural prowess. The ship on the shield symbolizes strong trade in the state while an olive branch below the shield represents peace and prosperity.

There is a barrage of cheap and inferior Pennsylvania flags being imported and sold, that do not comply with the flag statute. This is bad for a number of reasons. Imported flags are cheaply made and more importantly, the designs, materials, colors, and methods of printing do not compare well with the better quality, longer-lasting, and correctly designed flags made by American manufacturers. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flag designs offered a special edition of decals and flags to memorize the history of Pennsylvania flag for the future.

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