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The history of Harvard University begins in 1630 when the Puritans settled Boston and immediately made plans for the establishment of a college to train ministers of the gospel. Harvard was officially born in 1636 and took up as its first goal: “And this is life eternal, that they know Thee to be the only very God and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent” (The Geneva Bible).

Harvard’s history began when a college was established at New Towne, which was later renamed Cambridge for the English alma mater of some of the leading colonists. Classes began in the summer of 1638 with one master in a single frame house and a “college yard.” Harvard was named for a Puritan minister, John Harvard, who left the college his books and half of his estate.

In 1782, Harvard added medical studies to the school’s programs. Some buildings still standing on the university grounds originated in the 18th century. Massachusetts Hall was built in 1720, and Wadsworth House was built in 1726. The original buildings from the 17th century did not survive; however, the school marks their locations with brass markers.

The true history of Harvard University is Christian. In fact, Harvard was essentially Christian longer than it has been secular. There is still some Christianity present, but it is not the dominant force by any means. But again, secularism did not produce this great institution, the religion of Jesus did.

The school adopted this shield officially in 1843. Quincy was Harvard’s 15th president, and he kept this office between the years of 1829 and 1845. The school’s teaching methods evolved during this era also. Harvard began offering more classes and a greater variety, allowing students more freedom to choose their classes. Lectures replaced the recitation teaching style as well.

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