What can you do with an electric bicycle

In school, a friend lent me his electric motorcycle for a year while he went abroad. In the beginning, I didn’t have a clue that there were electric powered bikes, but I was in need of transportation and I knew how to ride a bike. So I thought why not? My buddy described me how he had found a little motorcycle on eBay, take off the engine and gas tank. He then added a new motor using electrical batteries.He guaranteed me the thing was safe and was pretty much maintenance free. When I first took a look at the bike, It seemed to be someone’s kid toy. When I first stood on top of it, it felt unsteady. The fact that it weighed less than I did didn’t help matters. But I believe most of a motorcycle’s weight is due to the engine and gas tank.

Operating the electrical type of a motorcycle was a little challenging in the beginning. There was clearly a throttle to move or move quicker. As soon as you discharge the throttle, you just coasts unless you hit on the brakes.There is no clutch.It took me a while to learn how to use a clutch on a bike and unlearning at first seemed to be difficult.I kept on trying to use the clutch in the middle to a ride, or even to change gears. A few times I was so distracted I thought I would wreck. But after a few days, I simply ignored the clutch and just enjoyed the ride.I also found out the thing could go fast very quickly.If you push the throttle to maximum, you could go from standing still to 50 miles per hour in a couple of seconds.

The other known fact about an electric bike is that there’s almost no disturbance. In the first place it might be confusing, especially if you are looking to show off. But it’s actually amazing to truly pay attention to the road around you on quiet country roads.It was like riding around on a very fast bicycle except you didn’t have to pedal. Looking back, it was probably safer that way, there are a lot of periods that you don’t listen to vehicles arriving behind you when you are driving a gas operated bicycle.

The bike was not excellent however.No matter what I did, I could not get it going much above 50 miles per hour. Even though I rode it downhill, it was impossible to get about the mid 60s. I am of opinion that this was because insufficient aerodynamics of the bike and not endemic to all electrical powered motorcycles. Moreover, the bicycle couldn’t go that far on a complete cost, most periods I could only get 40 miles before I ran out of juice. The toughest aspect is I could never really tell how complete the battery power were. Thankfully I has a short commute but I had a power cable to stop for a bite and a charge in case I was running low. The hardest was that the bicycle tires were like motorbike tires. Since the bike had to be light, my friend had put exclusive tires on it. I discovered this when I blew a tire on a nail and thee tire couldn’t be fixed. Luckily I found some rim offers and got a couple of substitute tires fairly at low expenses.

Overall though, the electric motorcycle was pretty awesome. I never had to pay for gas and though I had to cost it every evening, I only saw a little leap in my utility invoice. Even better I never had to fear about an oil modify or air filter systems etc. The bike was basically easy to maintain. The motorbike always worked- but not when I damaged a wire loose.Overall, I look back and have to thank my friend. Not only did he help me out of a jam when I needed it, but also exposed me the lengthy run of driving.

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