Wind Power For You

by Haylee Landford

If you have land in Colorado or are planning to buy land for sale, you may want to consider installing a small wind turbine to supply your electricity needs. Wind power is rapidly becoming a popular choice of power for rural area homes. Take time to discover all you can about the wind turbine systems, their capabilities, costs, and savings they can yield to help determine if one is right for you.

Customers who use wind turbines on their Colorado land save money. You can lower your electric bill as much as 90% and many wind turbine consumers pay only $100 annually for their electricity even with a totally electric home. The cost to buy the wind turbine system and the amount of perpetual wind should all be factors to see if this is economically a good choice for you.

A small wind turbine is the best bet for rural Colorado land that’s just a few acres in size. The larger wind turbines aren’t always appreciated by neighbors and probably aren’t necessary to power your electricity. A small wind turbine on rural Colorado land should be at least 5-15 kilowatts in size in order to make a dent in utility bills. A typical home uses less than 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. A vacation or recreation property on Colorado land for sale today will use even less; so a small wind turbine should more than do the job.

There are tax credits and rebates available for wind turbines that you put on Colorado land for sale. The Small Wind Incentive Pilot Program (SWIPP) offer rebates up to $5,000 and the Highline Electric Association, Southeat Colorado Power Association, the Town of Este and the Sangre De Cristo Electric Association, Inc, have joined together with the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office to reduce the costs of the wind turbines and the cost for installation on Colorado land. Buyers of Colorado land for sale are also eligible to receive credit for excess energy that their home wind turbine systems produces.

The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office has partnered with Sangre De Cristo Electric Association Inc., the Highline Electric Association, the Town of Estes and the Southeast Colorado Power Association to reduce the costs of the wind turbines and their installation on Colorado land. You can also be eligible to receive credit for excess energy that their home wind turbine systems produces, if they buy Colorado land for sale. In addition you can receive credit for the excess energy produced by your home wind turbine produces on your Colorado land.

In order to qualify for the rebate, you must own Colorado land within one of the service areas, install a home wind turbine with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, follow local regulations for zoning and building and agree to an inspection. Once the program has run its course, the participating companies will evaluate its cost-effectiveness and decide whether to continue the program.

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