7 Tips to Make Your New Year Party A Blast

Make sure your New Year party this year is fun and the talk of the town.Pack up your Christmas Stocking for next year and prepare to make this year’s event special with these great party tips.

1. Want to give your New Year’s party guest a great time? Here’s an idea. Take a large whiteboard (or anything really that can serve as a wall) and have your guests write down their New Year’s resolutions. This will make them feel relaxed and comfortable, get their guards down, and it could even encourage them to help each other out in achieving their goals.

2. To stay on their resolution track, you can also give people little notepads where they can list down their resolutions for the year and help them monitor their progress. This is definitely a good idea if you have a little extra in your party budget or if you only have a small number of guests to your party.

3. Invite your party guests to reminisce the old year. Put up a whiteboard in one corner. Have markers for them to write the good times they had in the past year. This is an effective way to get them into a positive frame of mind — a perfect way to welcome the New Year.

4. Can’t do fireworks because it’s not legal to do so where you live? You can still welcome the New Year with a colorful bang…and you can do it inside your house! It’s simple. Decorate your walls with balloons filled with colorful confetti. Have your guests ready to pop the balloons at the stroke of midnight. There’s your explosion of colors.

5. Give your home a little sparkle and glow to welcome the New Year. Hang sparkling golden stars from the ceiling, on doorways, and on windows. Try draping shiny tinsel and tassel over your doorways, on bannisters, and even on walls.

6. Are you serving a lot of wine and sparkling wine at your party? See if you can buy a charm that you can hang around the neck of each bottle, and preferably, these charms spell out the numbers that make up the upcoming year. It’s a simple little touch that adds something special to the table.

7. Go for a different kind of centerpiece for your dining table this year. Instead of a vase full of flowers, make it vase or a basket full of colorful foil balloons on sticks, ideally ones that are printed with the new year or exuberant Happy New Year greetings. Add some handfuls of ribbons and tinsel to complete the arrangement.

With Christmas behind us and New Year’s Eve 2012 is fast approaching. For fresh tips for the new year, New years resolution ideas and some awesome new year party ideas, visit our site newyear2012.net.

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