A General Preview On Wood Floor Materials

Many modern homes around the world have resorted to using wood floor materials in their houses. These products have been manufactured from timber. They have gained a lot of popularity and they are being featured in many desirable homes, this can be mainly because they are durable, easily restorable as well as their environmental profile.

Besides engineered and processed, other types, like domestic and exotic species are commonly used. Processed products are usually finished by the factory after applying several coats of UV-cured polyurethane. This coat prevents it from wearing out. It is preferred by most building contractors for they are more tough and durable than unfinished products.

The engineered products are only available in plank form. The strips are manufactured of special hardwood whose cross-section has three to five layers. The final layer is made of premium hardwood. These products are better than the normal solid products, as they subject are more resistive changes in weather conditions.

Timber from old house floors can also be used as they ecofriendly. They are ecofriendly because using them prevents the cutting down of virgin timber to make new wooden products and saves money as they cost less than new building products.

Decisions on wood floors should be taken seriously since they are investments which could last a lifetime. Therefore one should take a keen interest on preventing moisture and heavy items from creating scratches on the surface finish of the floor. Apart from sweeping and vacuuming, these products should be cleaned using recommended cleaning products on a periodic basis.

Most wood floor finishes take 14 to 30 days to cure completely. In order to lay a carpet on the wood floor materials, one must know the period it takes for the products to discolor. This period dictates the time needed in order to lay the carpet. Otherwise, laying the carpet may cause material discoloring.

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