Acting And Music Camps For Kids Alleviate Summertime Boredom And Inspire Kids Artistically

[youtube:7pLrV8GW214;[link: Belvoir Terrace Arts Camp for Girls];]For most youngsters, the school year is spent waiting for summer vacation. Yet, when it does finally arrive, they soon start to flail about in their need for the structure they have in school. They become bored, restless, irritable and irritating. The solution? Summer music, art or acting camp.

Attending acting summer camps gives kids the chance to be involved in, rather than just to observe, theater, movie and television productions. A quality performing arts camp is staffed with professionals in every field, including writers, actors, performers and directors in every aspect of show business, from opera to standup comedy. Youngsters learn to act and interact with each other, leading to friendships that often last for life, while simultaneously honing their skills.

Of course, summer camp wouldn’t be camp if it didn’t include traditional activities like swimming, boating, team and individual sports, hiking, horseback riding and evening campfires. The difference between regular camps and music, art and acting camps is the attention given to an individual child’s abilities. Each individual camper receives personalized instruction from a seasoned professional in the field of his/her choice, and has an opportunity to try out new activities in their chosen focus. It’s not unusual, as an example, for a child to discover a talent for dancing while participating as a singer or actor in one of the camp’s productions.

These are ongoing projects, with days spent in rehearsing plays, skits and musical numbers, while the completed product becomes a weekly entertainment for the entire camp, along with visitors who often include agents and talent scouts. More than a few stars of movies, television and theater got their start at summer theater camp , after being discovered by casting companies.

This is not to imply that theater, music or art camps are all about work. There is, of necessity, a certain schedule every day that includes meals, daily chores and rest periods, but there is also quite a lot of freedom during the day whereby campers are prompted to write, read, play with their new buddies, or otherwise enjoy their leisure.

Aside from performing, arts camps also allow less extroverted youngsters to participate in other creative pursuits, such as stage and prop construction, lighting techniques, costume design and other essential parts of putting together an enjoyable production. Most of all, however, the benefits of attending summer acting camp are purely personal: confidence, self-esteem, purpose and enduring friendships are permanently instilled in campers, characteristics that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

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