Add Crafts Instead of Replacing Video Games For Your Child

The video game phenomenon is something our kids are totally into these days. And while it initially seems harmless as it lets kids pass the time, it also has certain risks. When we were kids, we went outside the house, ran around and used our imagination and creativity to take us into fantastic lands. But in this day and age, why do that when you can sit down and let a computer console take you there instead? This is the problem I have with computer games.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m an avid fan of gaming myself and I do see the benefits that playing video games can bring. But at the same time, I must tell my fellow parents that your kids should not be exposed to solely video games, for it will slowly take away their imagination and creativity. Impose a limit to how long they can play. And at the same time, make sure they have other interests that will pique their imaginations.

One such activity that you can try inspiring them to pick up is the art of making crafts. By having a separate hobby that does not rely on technology, you can help imbue a down-to-earth attitude in them. And why not take up the hobby yourself? You will find that having a hobby that you can share is a good way to spend time together.

Don’t be alarmed if your kid is initially skeptical of the idea. They will naturally not want you to limit their video game time, if they have previously have free time of it. But be firm, but reasonable, and adjust the hours as you see fit.

How about using the characters in your child’s video game to inspire him or her to take up crafts? There are a lot of ideas you can do. For example, how about carving a dragon from a fantasy game? Or using paper to make a favorite video game hero come to life? There are tons more idea and they’ll be more receptive when you put it this way.

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