All About Central Vacuum Systems

While regular vacuuming is vital in extending the life of furnishings in a home, not many people look forward to the task. This is mainly because portable vacuum cleaners are usually heavy, noisy and inconvenient. But there’s a better solution; installing a central vacuum would not only eradicate these problems, but also bring other benefits as well.

The motors that come with most central devices can be up to 3 times stronger than those found in their portable counterparts. And because they’re permanently installed in one location, they stay much cooler. Furthermore, the equipment has a superior ability to remove the surface dust and debris as well as deeply-embedded particulates that cause carpeting to age.

A variety of accessories similar are available for built-in units. From long hoses to make it easy to clean vehicles to mini kits for cleaning keyboards and shelves, there’s almost no part of the house that’s inaccessible to the equipment. You can even get devices with user-friendly controls to notify you of any issue, such as a full canister or when maintenance falls due.

Built-in equipment has been proven to possess a better ability to remove dust, dirt mites and allergens. Owners often marvel at the improved air quality in their homes.This is particularly beneficial to allergic individuals; their symptoms have been seen to improve by as much as 60%. This is mainly because central vacs don’t recycle allergens and dust particles back into the air via the exhaust.

If you want a speedy, convenient solution for your cleaning needs, a central unit will effectively fulfill your needs. The equipment is quite user friendly, and the parts are also flexible enough so you can clean every corner of your home. All you need to do is to pull out the length of the hose that suits the cleaning task, connect to a power head, and get the job done.

Most people are so accustomed to the noisy racket made by vacuum cleaners that they assume that it just comes with the territory. Sleeping, talking on the phone and watching television are all next to impossible when vacuuming is taking place. But this isn’t the case with a central unit. Because the main source of the noise (the motor) is located in the basement, life can coexist with vacuuming when one has such a piece of equipment.

Although it costs more to purchase and install a built-in unit, the investment pays handsomely over the long term. The equipment lasts much longer than portable vacuum, which need to be replaced every few years. Even when one purchases a quality portable system, you’re still dealing with all its drawbacks and costs that go along with it, along with the prospect of replacing it at some point. And because a central vac is more effective, it can also protect your home’s value by extending the life of your carpets.

Most homeowners tend to assume that installing a ducted unit is a difficult, time-consuming task. Although built-in units are easiest to install in new construction, they could still be retrofitted into older houses quite easily. With a handful of installation options available, dealers are usually willing to help homeowners pick systems that suit their respective homes.

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