Answers to Termite Issues

If you possess a house, you most likely know that termites really are a serious problem. Not treated they could destroy your property value as well as completely destroy your house, given sufficient time. The point of this article is to address the top termite control issues that you’ll probably encounter and how you can solve them.

Problem 1: Drywood Termite Infestation

Drywood termites really are a very common problem. These kinds of nasty critters fly through the air in big swarms plus strike almost anything made from wood, including your house. The most harmful species is the Cryptotermes brevis which is known as the West Indian termite.

Because they don’t come from the ground similar to subterranean termites, they should be treated in a different way and also the two main means of solving drywood termite problems are commercially made treatments or fumigation (also called tenting).

The advantages of store bought remedies are cost, convenience and also fast results. But the drawbacks are that they only make localized results, they might miss the origin of the pests, they are short-term and they involve working with dangerous chemical substances.

Tenting or perhaps fumigation has numerous disadvantages, but it’s the only way to completely eliminate a termite infestation. The greatest downside is price and the inconvenience of having to vacate your house. But it’s greatest advantage is that it will kill just about every single termite in your house.

Problem 2: Subterranean Termite Problem

Subterranean or ground termites are an entirely different beast. As their name suggests they harm your house from the ground, instead of the air. They’re quite a problem simply because they can easily attack your house for many years before your notice anything. Certain signs you have a ground termite trouble are sagging floors, warped walls and also mud tunnels.

Fixing ground termite issues include treating the soil around your home with chemicals that destroy or perhaps repel ground termites. Problem 3: The hassle of having your house tented

Having your home tented is a huge hassle and could be a big dilemma. Regrettably if you’ve a really bad termite problem, this might be unavoidable. However, one alternative is definitely spot treatment, which consists of locating the termite colonies in your home plus using chemicals just like orange oil to destroy them. If you’ve a light termite attack, this may be a practical solution.

Problem 4: Not knowing you have a problem

Not knowing you have termites is among the major problems of all. Termites may quietly lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your house without you even knowing it. To resolve this issue, you either need to learn the signs of a termite problem and also keep a careful eye or you need to have a termite control firm perform an inspection. An inspection can be really cheap insurance against termite damage.

Problem 5: The termites keep on returning

Just because you take care of termites once, doesn’t mean that your termite issues are resolved permanently. Without adequate preventative measures they will at some point return.

Among the options is always to keep your eyes open for them. Another is have a termite control company do regular assessments and maintenance. Certain, you will have to spend a little money each year, but this will catch issues before they start and also you won’t need to worry a lot about having to pay an enormous bill when what would have been a little job becomes a big one.

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