Are we able to help all children with Special Needs?

Can We Help the Children Suffering Silently In The other Part Of The World? You can Assist

These Special Needs Orphans

Kid With Special Needs on Reece’s Rainbow is really a light to an otherwise dark and hopeless world… the entire world of abandonment. Thousands of orphans in Eastern European countries with special needs for example Down syndrome, are waiting for families. Waiting for an individual to discover them, an individual to love them, someone to realize they’re alive! At the end of this article, please watch the video showing children with special needs between ages one and five waiting for their forever households.

They may be shunned and considered worthless. A diagnosis of any special need deems them unproductive. Any physical distinction tags them as incapable. They’re throw aways. Their nation, their society and their families have no use for them. Households who choose to preserve their kid are caught within a situation exactly where they’re not able to properly care for any kid with special needs as there are no applications in location to help the parents, and healthcare consideration is restricted.

What Happens To These Babies With Down Syndrome

The majority of these babies with Down syndrome are placed in orphanages or baby homes at birth. If by the age of Four, they have not but been adopted, then the procedure of transferring these young children to adult mental institutions begins! YES, Mental Institutions!

Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Ministry is actually a nonprofit organization, founded by Andrea Roberts, who has identified her inspiration in her son Reece, who has Down syndrome. She has brought these youngsters out from the shadows and in to the light. In just six years more than 800 kids have been adopted into loving households and offered a brand new lease on life. A likelihood to develop up, a probability to go to school and run and play and do almost everything a youngster should really do!

It’s no secret that International adoption is costly. And it’s no secret that cash would be the leading cause why far more folks can not adopt. Acquiring families for these youngsters isn’t the hardest part. Funding is! To help , Reece’s Rainbow has established individual accounts for every child listed with them. At any time you could possibly make a donation to any child and that money will remain in their account till they’ve got a family committed to them. The cash will then visit support defray the astronomical adoption charges.

Orphans With Special Needs

The Angel Tree is Reece’s Rainbow’s biggest fund raiser on the year. This year you will discover over 200 children on the Tree. Most of them are Down syndrome babies. Every single child has their personal “Warrior” devoted to raising at the least $1000.00 for them. This video highlights each gorgeous child. Every youngster in this video needs a family. And every single kid in this video is facing life inside the walls of a mental institution. A few of these kids have sadly already been transferred, and wait in circumstances which can be unfit for human beings, let alone a youngster who does not understand why they’re there.

Please watch the video of Orphans with special needs. Let your heart break for these children… [youtube:_f-hgphgjQU;[link:Waiting Children With Special Needs];]

Our mission is to change hearts & minds with regards to kids with Down syndrome, to show how beautiful they are. We help raise money for Children With Special Needs international adoptions to save them from mental institutions, to which they are transferred from age of 4 and where they die!

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