Atlanta Mole Control And Removal Tips

Moles are common underground inhabitants that can cause a significant amount of garden damage. The large number of heaps and destruction to pristine lawns means that root systems are negatively impacted and plants are no longer able to remain secure for optimum growth. With a closer look at measures for homes in Atlanta mole control and removal services are available to better manage the problem.

Gardeners will recognize the presence of these pests where lawn damage is most likely to occur in the fall and spring. Animals will push through the surface and cause soil mounds that occur after the rainy season. It is important to remember that a mole is not a rodent and does not consume plant bulbs, but is a carnivore and eats insects; however, will form underground tunnels that become occupied by other pests.

In the effort to control the presence and activity of moles, the first step is to detect whether these critters have actually invaded your home. Some burrowers such as voles cause a great deal of damage to the garden area. Where you recognize the formation of mounds, it should appear volcano like in structure to prevent against making an identification mistake.

One of the more popular options is to rely on repellents to prevent the animals from making its way to your property in the first place. A common ingredient in products is castor oil and should be applied on watered lawn surfaces in order to permeate the soil. Environmentally friendly solutions are available that will protect the surrounding landscape and deter pests.

Traps can be installed and should be overseen by a professional service. Animals may be relocated by professionals and according to regulations for such procedures. All residents will be provided the necessary support and will not have to handle the problem without the assistance of experienced animal removers in the industry.

It is necessary to put the right methods in place at the correct months during the year for maximum impact. Females will become pregnant in the spring and often seek areas where they are able to burrow and build a nest. Repellents should be used and tunnels formed that create active features for the animals to prevent against moving into the area.

Repellents are most commonly used and advised where pets and children frequent. Professionals can advise on areas that should be targeted and whether you are experiencing a mole invasion. A removal service will adhere to state regulatory requirements and will ensure that both animals and residents are protected.

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