Baby Protection

by George Maxyme

We are constantly surrounded by friendly and unfriendly bacteria, viruses, and unnatural sources of danger. All of which can be beneficial or harmful depending on the amount and intensity of exposure. When newborns arrive into their world, we have to continue to offer protection against overexposure to potentially harmful elements. Nurturing helps their bodies protective systems adjust to exposure in the new environment.

Sunlight is essential to babies’ health; it creates Vitamin D, through interaction with the skin. This helps the development of healthy bones and the autoimmune system, among a host of other benefits. Too much exposure, too soon, can lead to sunburn and possible skin cancers later in life. A good approach to feeding your baby sunlight is to introduce natural sunlight in small portions, at low exposure and limit the time spent in direct sunlight. Indirect exposure to sunlight is the safest method of getting the healthy benefits of the sun.

Ear infection is common for babies and this is mostly initiated by trapped fluids behind the ear drums or as a result of colds or allergies. Both can and will cause infected ear drums. As parents we can help to prevent some ear infections by not immersing the baby’s head past the ear line when doing baths, and to keep the baby’s head angled so that water drains around the ear. Remember, after each shampoo and bath gently absorb any excess water from the ear with a cotton swab, but be careful not to insert the swab into the ear canal.

Physical protection is an area we sometimes take for granted. When babies, become toddlers and start walking, curiosity rules their senses. They move fast, so their physical protection is of paramount importance. One of the leading sources of danger to babies and children under 14 years old is drowning, which can occur in any body of water including the bath. Drowning happens quickly and silently, so it is the responsibility of parents to find methods to protect against this danger. One sure way to protect against drowning is to have one-hundred percent of your attention on your baby, while in the bath, or on your child around the pool or body of water. Statistics reveal that drowning and near drowning occurs within seconds on immersion into the water.

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