Basic Plumbing Supplies Every Homeowner Must Have

For sure you will be facing a plumbing trouble at home one day. Certain problems may be too simple for a homeowner like you to fix, such as a leaking faucet or a slow-draining sink. By letting the handyman in you do the necessary work, you can save a lot of cash as you won’t have to sign up a licensed plumber to perform a task you can accomplish yourself.

There are a few basic supplies you need to have around. Whenever trouble strikes, you just have to take the necessary tool out of storage and do the necessary repair. They can be easily purchased at your favorite home improvement store.

Many picture a plumber wielding a plunger. This very basic tool is something you shouldn’t be without. It is the first thing you grab whenever there is a clog in the kitchen or bathroom. So versatile and easy to use, it can be used to remove obstructions from sinks, tubs, toilet bowls and shower drains. Getting one won’t leave a hole in your pocket as it’s so cheap.

In case the plunger fails to work, a hand auger is the next tool you should clutch. Referred to as a plumber’s snake at times, this is a long and flexible steel cable. It’s the one to use for removing objects trapped somewhere along drain lines.

Plumber’s putty can create watertight seal around leaky pipes or hardware joints. This provides a temporary fix while a homeowner attempts to come up with a more permanent solution, helping to conserve water. You may also go for plumber’s epoxy or goop, something which may be used even on wet areas. However, it may not be easy to remove later on.

There are times when leaks are due to loose threaded pipes or fittings. With such being the case, a pipe wrench is the tool to grab. Having an adjustable jaw and long handle, it helps mend problems in hard-to-reach places. It’s a good idea to have at least a couple of it in your tool box. While one is used for turning loose pipe parts, the other one is for gripping or holding.

Whether you need to cut through a metal or plastic pipe, a hacksaw is the tool to use. It’s also perfect for trimming plumbing fittings. For tight spots, the blade may be used alone, wrapping one end of it in cloth to serve as the handle. See to it that you have extra blades stashed in the tool box so you may easily replace blunt or broken ones.

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