Bathroom Sink Faucets And Modern Bathroom Sinks

In any home, bathroom sink faucets are among the most utilized fixtures. This is why a new gleaming faucet in a bathroom is like sparkling jewelry for a woman. Quality, materials and style are the basis for the wide range of faucet prices. The variety extends to the styles and finishes of faucets as well.

The styles of gleaming bathroom sink faucets ranges from traditional to contemporary. Traditional faucets include a detailed center-set faucet with the standard three holes, i.e., two holes for the handles and one hole for the spout. Contemporary faucets are aesthetically designed with their clean lines and fewer handles.

The quality of bathroom sink faucets is dependent on the material they are made of. Heavier solid brass lasts longer and requires less care, in comparison to other materials. Costing less than solid brass, other metals, such as die-cast zinc alloy, have the disadvantage of corroding under hard water over time.

It is suggested that the sink be chosen first before any other bathroom paraphernalia as modern bathroom sinks set the tone for the entirety of the space. An under-counter model that frees up valuable counter space is perfect for family use. A pair of matching above-counter basins perched on their own vanity cabinets will do well for newlyweds. Pedestals are the best choices for guest baths.

Pedestals are modern bathroom sinks that are good choices for powder rooms and guest baths where space is limited and storage is of lesser concern. Their sleek and sophisticated lines give the illusion of enlarging the room while enhancing the appearance of the space.

Gaining a rapid increase in popularity are wall mounted modern bathroom sinks that feature a basin that is hung from the wall at a specified location and height. This popularity is primarily due to their many attractive and innovative designs, ideal for universal access applications. Other sink types to choose from include under-counter, above-counter or vessel, countertop, integral countertop, semi-countertop and corner.

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