Bedding Sets For Baby Crib

A lot of attention has been paid to crib safety. Manufacturers of baby crib sets must conform to strict safety codes effective February 1974. This was necessitated by a large number of serious crib accidents. The features of a crib that has been with a family must be ensured to conform to current safety standards.

To prevent the heads or limbs of babies from getting caught in between them, the crib slats of baby crib sets must not be more than 2 3/8 inches apart. The use of cribs with slats not conforming to this standard distance could lead to injury, and worst, to strangulation. Missing slats or spindles in a crib mean that the crib must never be used.

A baby could accidentally fall against rough or sharp edges in the metal hardware of baby crib sets. It must be ensured that there are no such edges in the crib. A baby could accidentally release faulty locks and latches on the drop-side of the crib and fall out of the crib. Locks and latches must be assured to be working perfectly.

An important aspect in the creation of an ideal nursery for the little one is the assurance of a safe and comfortable bed. A big part of this aspect is the purchase of soft and breathable crib bedding sets. The ideal baby bed sheets not only add style to the nursery but give the baby a perfect place to sleep.

To ensure the safety of the baby and prevent the sheet from slipping off the mattress, crib bedding sets with sheets that have elasticized edges and fit the crib mattress snugly must be chosen. Loose sheets are safety hazards.

Because babies must not get too warm when sleeping, weather conditions and room temperatures must always be considerations in the selection of crib bedding sets. Sets with cotton sheets are ideal for most weathers while sets with flannel sheets are best for cooler temperatures.

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