Best Practices For Hiring Your Plumbing Contractor

New to the region, and want a plumbing contractor? Don’t commence your search for the right one without using these handy tips.

When you meet with a plumbing contractor from a big plumbing company you may not be meeting with the owner. Ask about the plumbing contractor’s position within the plumbing company and find out all you can about the people in the positions of power. You may even want to ask if you can meet with the owner and find out more about them.

Get your hands on a local phonebook, trade association magazine, or community directory and see what listings they have for a plumbing contractor in your field. Call each one and see what they have to say about your specified plumbing contractor. Inspect the worksite often so they know you mean business.

If hiring a plumbing contractor, do not hire someone who will not look at the job in person. Considering a bid from a roofer that has never seen your roof is comparable to having surgery from another room. Allow the plumbing contractor into or onto the area when safe to see exactly what the job entails.

Ensure your contracts are kept in a secure location. A locked cabinet is generally an appropriate place. The inbox on your desk isn’t.

Don’t expect a perfect track record from your plumbing contractor. Developing a knowledge in a particular field takes time and we learn by making mistakes. Keep this in mind when looking at your plumbing contractor’s history.

If you have more than one project but only plan on working on one at a time, it is a good idea to let the plumbing contractor know and ask for a discount on multiple jobs. Most plumbing contractors will not give you a discount on the first job but they usually do on repeat business.

Some states require a plumbing contractor to offer you 3 days to change your mind after you signed a contract to hire them. Check to see if this is the case in your state. Some states only require the 3 days if the contract was not signed in the plumbing contractors place of business.

Balance the commitment and the money you are paying a plumbing contractor. Committing to a plumbing contractor may get you a slight discount. However, it is important to make sure that you are happy with a long term commitment.

It is all about the money. Ask plumbing contractors if they would be willing to provide financial references from banks or suppliers. This can stop headaches later on if materials are not available because the plumbing contractor has not paid a previous bill.

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