Black And White Baby And Zebra Baby Bedding

Most mothers shy away from black and white baby bedding for the baby nursery. They would rather stick to pastel colors or neutral colors for the nursery color palette. However, a black and white nursery splashed with pops of color can elevate a boring room into one of fabulous sophistication.

Because it can provide a chic look, there is no doubt that fabulous black and white baby bedding will work in a baby girl nursery. However, an atmosphere of darkness and starkness may be what this bedding will provide in the case of a baby boy nursery.

A posh black and white baby bedding is exemplified by a package that includes a tulle ruffle and a black satin band around its bed skirt. Its baby blanket featuring a swirl pattern gives the bedding an appearance of being very light by showing more of the white than the black.

A favourite among parents of both baby boys and girls is the zebra baby bedding. Coming in a wide selection of styles and options, it sets a unique ambiance to a nursery, dependent on its color, style and visibility. The gamut of emotions ranges from being fun and comfortable to being bold and dramatic to being warm and sweet.

The zebra print in the zebra baby bedding can run through the entire set or limited to a select accent pieces such as sheets, blankets and pillows. In other words, the zebra print is available in complete matching sets or in separate individual items.

To carry the zebra theme through the entire room, zebra print rugs, curtains, valances and other accessories may be added, aside from the zebra baby bedding. To carry the zebra theme even further, zebra prints in matching lamp shades, wall hangings and changing pads may be used to adorn the room. Splashing zebra patterns such as zebra stripes on various room areas such as walls, floors and ceilings can add visual interest to the nursery.

Want to find out more about black and white baby bedding, then visit Darren Hartley’s site on how to choose the best zebra baby bedding for your needs.

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