Black And White Shower Curtains And Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Making a bold statement about a bathroom are black and white shower curtains. A clean, graphic look to the space is provided by the high contrast they provide. The space becomes an apt partner to subway tiles and white pedestal sinks. Quirkier or modern monochromatic designs are suddenly possible. Overall, the bathroom is given a less traditional look.

The fast and easy way of turning a tired space to an energetic and modern area is the sprucing up of the bathroom with black and white shower curtains. Asking to be noticed are curtains with fat black and white vertical stripes that is better paired with the white tile flooring and black tile trimming of a completely white bathroom.

After the installation of the black and white curtains, an oversized print of a black and white poster may be added to finish the look. For a dose of humor, a poster of the Marx Brothers may be chosen. For a noir feel, a Hitchcock film poster will suffice. A splash of a soft color would not be out of place in the room.

With bathroom wall cabinets, making the most of the space area becomes feasible, especially because bathrooms are among the most used areas in a home. A bathroom is made more attractive by the right bathroom cabinets. The overall feel of the room can actually be dictated by them.

Weighing how much storage space is needed against how much area can be spared in a bathroom can be used as a guide in the selection of bathroom wall cabinets. An additional aid can take the form of a bathroom layout that gives a visual representation of where the cabinets will go.

The storage capacity, style and installation of the chosen bathroom wall cabinets must be taken into consideration. By making a list of the things that are to be kept in the cabinets, a homeowner will be able to select the bathroom cabinet that best fits his needs.

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