Brain Cancer Research Without Need For Surgery

I don’t think anyone can argue that brain cancer research is one of the nobler acts for anyone to take on. Having said that, though, most people think that it’s all about going under the knife is in order to treat tumors in a more precise manner. To a good number of people, there isn’t another way to do it as effectively. It seems like those days are about to cease, though, as a hospital has brought with it a new method in order to help this condition.

The Destin Log reported on the Sacred Heart Hospital, saying that it would be putting a new tool to use in order to help patients with this cancer type. It goes by the name of the Gamma Knife Perfexion. In essence, it uses radiation beams in order to target abnormalities in the brain and treat them right then and there. There isn’t a single bit of invasive surgery that needs to be undertaken with this procedure, meaning that, in theory, most people would take to it.

For those who think that a Gamma Knife is an entirely new concept, you’d be mistaken. In fact, there are over 275 hospitals and institutions around the world which make use of this. The newsworthy nature about this story, though, comes from the fact that this hospital is the first along the Gulf Coast to truly utilize it. Compared to your standard surgical procedure of going under the knife, the Gamma Knife is not quite as risky in comparison, as you could very well imagine.

As stated before, this procedure can help a number of conditions, which only helps to make brain cancer research all the easier. Along with tumors – benign and malignant alike – there is also a focus on a condition called arteriovenous malformation. AVM is a condition between the arteries and veins, which can cause difficulty in terms of speech, basic movement, and so forth. These sorts of facts are important for the sake of research and should easily bring attention to organizations like Voices Against Brain Cancer.

The Gamma Knife Perfexion is brimming with potential and I can only hope that it is realized soon enough. Since its inception in February, the process will now be given its first case sometime during this month. Will this system live up to what it says it will do and help patients to the highest extent? I can only hope that it succeeds on that front and that we will be able to see the steps taken in order to see to that goal as well.

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