Canadian Shoppers Getting Ripped Off Buying Baby Jogging Stroller

by Joe Peterson

Some of the best baby jogging strollers in the world and certainly the most affordable baby jogging strollers are made by companies that focus on selling to the large USA market. It is easy to do a search on the internet to find American retailers of these strollers.

Many people in Canada are interested in purchasing a baby stroller from a US based retailers and having the stroller shipped to them in Canada – but it is not easy to do.

It is easy for anyone to search the internet and find a retailer in the United States that sells the stroller they want. However, all of these stores do not ship to Canada (in fact most do not ship to Canada). If you find a retailer that will ship your stroller across the border the additional expense of sending the stroller to you can really add up.

Here is an example of what can happen. Let`s say that you find the jogger that you want on the internet at a price of $279. The extra cost to ship it to a Canadian address is $60 (approximately). And then they have to have the paper work completed in order to clear the item across the border. To do that they hire a custom broker. That adds another $60 in costs. And finally the Canadian government adds on another $22 in import charges.

You might now be thinking to yourself – this might not have been a good way to get your stroller. The total cost in our example is the $279 price, plus $60 extra shipping, plus $60 custom broker fees, plus $22 duty for a grand total of $421. That`s 50% more than the original price.

Even if you do decide to purchase from an American retailer they may not realize all the extras that you will be charged. They are probably not aware that the custom broker will charge the shipper (someone like Fedex) the broker fee and that Fedex will then invoice you for the charge. The retailer probably is not aware that before you can take delivery of the stroller the Canadian government expects you to pay them the $22 duty charges.

There is a solution to this dilemma. There are Canadian retailers on-line that have set their prices so that the costs of the shipping to Canada, plus the costs of custom broker fees, plus the Canadian duty are all included.

Your goal should be to get the stroller that you want and know at the time of purchase what the total cost would be. No surprises! There are Canadian stores on line that sell really good, top quality baby joggers and the prices can be found as little as $279.

So there you have it. People from Canada can save themselves a lot of money ($142 in our example). And not only can they save money they can also buy simpler and with confidence. All that has to be done is search on-line for Canadian retailers that sell the products that they want.

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