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The world as you see it is quite difficult to comprehend. Inequalities, discrimination, and racism are common. A lot of people thought that they are good. They have attained a lot of achievements. They have obtained their dreams. They are financially stable and educated. However, these people are not truly happy.

It might be pretty normal. A lot of people might not understand this, however, holding to those emotions do matter too. Truly, living in this world is not that easy. Even when you cry, the whole world will never care. Even when you have nothing to eat, or even if your loved ones are dying, the world goes on as though nothing happens. This is the sad reality. Just thinking about it might even cause you to question the existence of God. Those feelings are normal. God understand it very well. Surely, the episcopal church Albuquerque NM understand it too.

Truly, if you think about it, your devotion about Him has nothing to do with groups or your congregation. Nowadays, things become too misleading and complicated. The reality takes with lies and hopeless faith. If you really want to know the truth, try to read the bible. It serves as the love letter of the Lord.

Exercise His words and follow His deeds. Your life here on Earth is temporary. Even so, try not to be afraid. Earth would never last forever. Everything that is placed and created in here is just set for temporarily. God would bring His people to the paradise. A place where there is no sadness and fear.

Their religion is mixed with politics. Furthermore, these people even thought that they can express their devotion just by praying to Him. Unfortunately, that is not just how things go. Loving God means following His deeds. You are highly required to carry your own cross.

Without challenges and struggle, there is no improvement and growth. Just like a great father, He wants to teach you that. That is the main reason why He gives you lots of challenges and tasks. Follow and trust Him. You have a mission in this world. Your life here would never last forever. However, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Once you succeeded, He will greatly reward you in heaven. He will reward you with everlasting happiness. Just think about how beautiful the paradise can be. It contains everything you like. There, you are more than free to follow your own dreams. There are lots of things to do and try. The food is quite abundant too.

He loved you with all of his heart. Even if He knew that you would just betray Him in the future, He still wants to give you a chance. Knowing that somebody as great as Him is still watching and forgiving you, try to avoid sinning. They are misleading you away. You are born as a good person. However, due to the complications of this world, sinning becomes quite natural.

He take your punishment. You are the primary reason why He is crucified on the cross. You and your sin. That is why stop sinning already. Truly, as a human, you are bound to commit mistakes and failures. However, regardless of the situation, try to believe in God. He would never ever leave you nor betray you. Therefore, stop hurting Him and try to return His love.

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