Choosing The Best Home Printer For Your Needs

If you are interested in purchasing a new printer for your home, your options are basically endless. Your basic choices come down to laser versus inkjet printer, and the regular printer versus all-in-one. The standard for home use printers is commonly the inkjet, however don’t let this necessarily disqualify if a laser printer would work better for you, especially depending on your needs.

If you plan on doing large amounts of printing and need your work to be produced very quickly, then considering a laser printer might be a good idea. They typically have multiple times the amount of workload capabilities than inkjet printers and are thusly more suited to industrial uses. The main difference is that where inkjet printers use tiny jets of ink via cartridge to apply your words and images onto paper, laser printers use static electricity and photoreceptor physics for application, relying on cartridges of toner, which creates a much more complex sort of process (thusly creating a much more expensive bill, for the printer and the toner refills). However, there are moderately priced yet very effective laser printers available.

More than likely, a good inkjet printer will be exactly what you need for every day use. There are two main types: regular printers and all-in-one printers. There are also tons of different makes and models of these available. If your needs stop solely at printing, then perhaps a regular printer is just what you need. They are much cheaper than most other kinds of home printers, as well as easy to use and very straightforward, yet will still do a fantastic job printing whatever you need.

Chances are good however that a suitable home printer for yourself is an all-in-one inkjet. These are typically capable of three basic functions, printing, copying, and scanning. Some are even capable of faxing. As a matter of fact, some of the top-of-the-line, high-priced all-in-one printers do even more, which includes printing high-quality photos, scanning film slides or negatives, and emailing images directly. But in most cases, a simple three function printer will do.

Many of these all-in-one home printers will only connect to a single computer, and typically only by way of USB, so if you need the printer to be networked wirelessly to multiple computers, consider a more expensive model. Also note that when it comes to copying and scanning, you have two basic choices: ADF (automatic document feeder) and slide scan features. Investigate the two and see if one type is more suited to your needs than the other.

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