Cleaning Techniques for Tile Grout

Cleaning tile and grout requires special attention as the elements of tile grout are sand, cement, and colour. Grout cleaning is a vital move to make to maintain a brand new look of the tile, as the dirt which has amassed has a tendency to stain the grout and induces mold growth.

When you clean tile grout, ensure you think about whether the grout is sealed or not. The cleaning products you see in shops could be damaging if the grout isn’t sealed. For that reason, you need to use homemade cleansers. Here are the products you can use.

You can make use of homemade cleaners, a mixture of 7 cups of water in a spray bottle and a half of bicarbonate of soda, one-fourth cup of white vinegar, and one-third cup of ammonia. Mix them correctly. Spray it on the grout and permit some time for the chemical to seep it before you wipe it with a wet cloth or rag. You don’t have to rinse it after cleaning.

You can also use vinegar or baking soda to clean tile grout. A solution of water and vinegar or baking soda can frequently be used to remove stain. You want to rub it vigorously using a stiff brush in a small circular pattern. When you do this, you can see the stains are coming out pretty easily. After using this solution, wash it with clean water then dry the concerned area with a towel or sponge.

You may also use commercial products for this type of cleaning. Use any general household cleaners. Nevertheless I recommend that you use commercial tile and grout cleaner that has got a neutral pH balance. This way the tile grout will not discolor due to any strong chemical in the solution. When you employ a commercial product, ensure you read the directions provided for in the label. Follow the instructions properly. For unsealed grout, you can use steam cleaner. This cleaner can loosen up the bond that exists between dust and the outside of the grout. This technique is really helpful to get rid of debris that can’t be removed by cleaners.

Bleaching is another cleaning method you can use. You can use oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. The first type is good for removing any heavy stain. The second type is helpful for mold removal but isn't recommended for coloured grout because it may stain it. Clean tile grout on a once-a-week basis using these strategies.

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