Clogged Drains: What should you do and which individual should you call

Clogged drains can bring lots of everyday household jobs to a sudden stop. Be it the kitchen sink or bathtub, it's not bizarre for drains to slowly buildup with waste like food bits and hair. When that happens there are some things which can be done to help maintain your drains, and get things moving again.

First try cooking soda. Put a cup of the bread soda into the problematical drain. Pour a full pot of simmering water over top. You may need to use more hot water till the soda flushes out. Follow with cool water. Note this process is good for monthly drain upkeep to avoid clogs. Or you can use – cup of salt with boiling water if soda isn’t available.

An alternative choice to baking soda is vinegar with the bicarbonate of soda. When combined these two naturally bubble. Put in the cup of sodium bicarbonate, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the mix sit for a half hour or more then flush it with a full kettle of boiling water. You can repeat this 2-3 times if the first try doesn't clear things enough.

If that doesn't work, try an old school plunger. Make sure the trap is out of the sink prior to utilizing this. Leave one or two inches of water over the drain so you get good suction. Unfortunately not all clogs respond to plunging but it is worth a go before asking for a line of work.

Another option is opening the pipes below the drain. Many pipes have an elbow that catches waste. Empty that. From this vantage point you can use a snake to reach further into the pipe and clear the blockage. If the blockage is too far into the system, this is another situation that calls for an approved plumber.

Infrequently homemade solutions aren't tough enough to do the job. At that juncture you can try a chemical product with good precautions. Read the label and confirm its appropriate for the type of pipes/drains concerned. If you know for sure that your drain is clogged with hair, you can try a hair removing liquid to clear it. Let the liquid sit for – hour then rinse absolutely with hot water. For fatty clogs, using liquid dish soap helps moderately employed the same way.

There are times when all your very best efforts to clear clogged drains will not be successful. Reach out to a professional plumber who makes a speciality of clogs so that they can tackle the recalcitrant jobs.

Steven Roper owns of Roper Plumbing, who offers professional plumbing services from his site.

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