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A bathroom shower leak can be a pain, and a major inconvenience, especially living in a condo. This is because the leak does not just affect you, but can involve condo owners below your unit as well.

One of the first things you may want to inspect is the caulking around the bathtub. This is a relatively inexpensive fix, and spreading white phenoseal caulk can be used without calling in professional help.

The majority of condo units do not allow or provide an access to get behind the bathtub, to inspect the drain system. What we have noticed however, is that the ceiling of some of the bathrooms we work in does have an access point. You may need permission from the neighbor below your unit, and this is the time to call professional help to do the inspection

Do you frequently fill the bath tub up al the way, or s the shower used 90% of the time. Occasionally it can be difficult locating the source of the shower leak. That’s why it is so important to notice the “pattern”, regarding what was done when the “leak” occurred.

On most bathtubs, you have an “overflow” drain. It is not uncommon for a leak to occur once water reaches this point ( normally 8″) from the top of the tub. A quick fix since the rear is often not accessible is to tighten down on the 2 screws as much as possible.

You can also inspect around the toilet area. Does the valve leak? The water supply line? Their is normally 2 to 3 bolts connecting the tank to the bowl, some have found good success placing a paper towel below these areas, and inspect for wetness.

Try “rocking” the toilet from left to right? Does it move, or wobble at all? If it does, this indicates a defect on the sewage connector between the toilet and floor, which may be the source of your bathroom leak. Most homeowners are not equipped to handle this repair without professional help, but here is the list of steps that should be taken.

a) Turn off the water valve.

b) Disconnect the water line.

c) Flush the toilet.

d) Take a wet vac, and make both the tank/bowl of toilet dry.

e) Turn Brass bolts securing toilet to floor counter clockwise.

f) Now lift toilet from the floor, replace sewage connector, and reverse the steps.

Another “problem area” for condo owners are the fancy glass bowls and designer faucets that are great to look at, but difficult to maintain. If the tub/shower valve drips, it may be best to leave the repairs to a professional.

We have covered the most common areas that result in a shower leak, and what you can do as a condo owner to resolve. Contact us for your Philadelphia condo plumbing needs.

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