Create A Camping-Themed Kids Party

If you are searching for a theme for a kids’ party, consider a theme that is sure to please everyone. Kids love pitching a tent and sleeping in the great outdoors and you can create a whole theme based around camping and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your backyard. This is a great party option for scouts or children who love being out and about in nature.

Camping food is already pretty kid-friendly; after all mostly you simply grill hot dogs and hamburgers. For people with a fire pit in their yards, supervise the kids while the roast their own hot dogs. If no pit is available, simply use your camping stove or barbecue grill. Another option would be to have kids customize their own foil packet dinners like you might do while camping. Another option is a chili dinner. Cook up the chili in a large pot and keep in warm on the camp stove. Cut open small corn chip bags, ladle on some chili and top with shredded cheese. Kids will love eating dinner right out of the chip bag and clean up is a breeze.

Dessert is always a big party element and with a camping party, you might automatically think about creating some s’mores. An easier option would be to go online to Chocolate Pizza Company and simply order a few of their unique Campfire Pizzas. These are handmade chocolate pizzas topped with mini marshmallows and graham cracker chunks. Kids can just break off a hunk of the pizza and munch, and it’s even packed in a real pizza box so kids will enjoy the surprise when you bring out the box and they find a gourmet chocolate pizza inside instead of a traditional pizza, with dough, sauce and cheese.

There are plenty of great outdoor games to consider when planning a camping party, and a nature scavenger hunt might be a great way to get the party started. Have the kids work in pairs or teams and find items such as a twig, a feather, a tiny pebble and other items easily found in your yard. You can even go on a hike around the neighborhood to find items for your scavenger hunt. Other fun games include old favorites such as a ring toss, a sack race, bocce ball and other backyard games.

You can set up one giant tent or perhaps several small tents and have kids bring sleeping bags or place mats or air mattress and blankets and pillows inside the tents. This can be a great opportunity to show kids how to pitch a tent or you can have the sleeping area all set up before the kids arrive. Be sure to set out a big picnic blanket where kids can eat dinner, munch on chocolate pizza and tell scary stories once the sun sets. There are also some cool phone apps that will help you identify constellations in the night sky and if you have one, bring out the telescope and let kids get a closer look at the moon and stars.

Decorating for this type of party is a snap. Cover a long table with a checkered tablecloth and place items such as condiments and hot dog buns, potato salad, chips and other picnic foods on the table. Use washed tin cans to hold cutlery and place camping lanterns here and there for both camp ambiance and additional light once it gets dark. Use a tin or plastic tub to hold juice boxes and water bottles. You can even hang up string lights from the trees in your yard to make everything look sparkly and cute.

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