Create The Perfect Master Bedroom

In any given home, there are three places that enjoy the most use – the family room, the kitchen and the master bedroom. The master bedroom is a special space that should be a true respite from the rest of the world. Your interior designer can help make your dreams of creating an amazing master suite into a reality.

Sometimes your first consult will take place at the designer’s office, and sometimes the design will arrive at your home. If your decorator comes directly to the home, she will no doubt take down measurements of the room, as well as any furnishings you wish to include in the design. Whether you meet at home or in the office, offer some pictures to show your designer the styles and colors you prefer.

A big first step is to select a color for the walls, and with a bedroom, it is wise to opt for light, calming colors such as soft pastels. Pastel green and blue, as well as lilac and lavender are fun choices, but you can also opt for neutral beiges or even a shade of white. It can be fun to base your color on a favorite piece of artwork and pull a color out of that. You can opt to paint all the rooms one color, have one wall in a different hue or perhaps even one wall with some contemporary wallpaper.

When it comes to furnishings, think timeless as opposed to trendy. Simple, elegant pieces of furniture look beautiful in your bedroom for many years, as opposed to the current design fad. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for a traditional poster bed, but you should keep it simple and allow the fabrics and accessories to make a statement. As the years, pass and you want an update; you can change out fabrics, alter colors or even update draw knobs to give the room an easy facelift.

Linens and fabrics are a big part of the fun of redesigning your bedroom. Choose items that coordinate with your wall covers and reflect your style. You can keep it simple and dress your bed in pure white with perhaps a colorful throw or blanket tucked underneath the white comforter, exposing a hint of color. Your designer probably will be able to find some amazing fabrics at very reasonable costs. This is because designers often have many special contacts throughout the design industry, and they know where to find the best deals.

Accessories and artwork are the final touches of your special master bedroom. Find pieces that you love, but don’t go overboard. You might choose a few carefully selected pieces of artwork or even some beautifully framed family photos, as well as a collection of aromatic candles. Talk to your designer and discuss what types of accessories are the best fit for your special master bedroom suite. The nice thing about these accessories is that they can be updated easily from time to time, giving your room a fresh, new look at relatively little expense.

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