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Many homeowners in Colorado choose to make the investment in a deck. A deck can be a valuable addition to your home and adds extra space for barbeques, block parties, birthdays and many other activities. Although all of these can be done in any backyard or concrete patio a deck adds to the beauty of your home and can also add to your living space. A covered deck can add significantly to living space and is available all year. This can be especially valuable if your home is smaller than your needs as it provides additional space and offers more entertainment area.

Covered decks are a great investment but many homeowners do not want the added expense so deck builders have many options that can make your deck available even in the winter. One of these options is snow rails. Snow rails are raised 2-4 inches from the deck surface and allow the snow to be pushed off of the side of the deck. The decking is also spaced to allow for small gaps which make snow melt and water drainage easier. This means that your deck is available for use even when there is snow on the ground.

There are many other options to choose from when building a deck, such as the materials. A very attractive, yet affordable, option is redwood decking. This decking can compliment any home regardless of color, stucco or siding. In order to make this decking last longer it must be sealed and resealed at least every 2 years so there is some maintenance that comes with this option. It can also be stained which can add greatly to the beauty of the wood. Another popular option is composite decking. This decking is a plastic composite that looks like wood. It is much more durable, lasts longer and does not have the same upkeep as the redwood decking; however, it is a more expensive option.

Making the investment in a deck can be a huge decision and I wanted to be sure that my deck fit my life. My main concern was my large dog scratching the decking. Because of this I chose a capped composite option that is much more durable to hold up to my dog. I am very happy with my decision as my deck still has no scratches and maintenance is a breeze. I also chose metal spindles over redwood spindles to add to the convenience and reduce upkeep.

I could not be more pleased with my deck as it fits my life and my needs perfectly, and deck builders are able to customize a deck to fit anyone’s needs. This can all be done while working within your personal budget. Redwood has natural beauty while still remaining very cost effective whereas composite is practically maintenance free and is more durable but requires an additional expense. Whatever your personal needs are a deck is always a great addition to any home and not only adds to the beauty of your home but also to the living and entertainment space.

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