Different Uses Of Bean Bags

Bean bags come in various sizes depending on the use they offer. They are common among the young, teenager and young adults age groups. Bean bags comprise of fabric enclosing polyvinyl chloride pellets or small foam pieces which are similar to beans in relation to their size. The sacs have proved significant to people as their flexibility have allowed them to be used in various areas.

One of the most common uses of this is in the playing of a game that is christened hacky sacs. A childhood memory that most people share today is the playing of hacky sacs, whereby the aim of the player is to keep the bag in the air by any means necessary. Dropping of the bag would see one get disqualified from the game.

Corn Hole is another game that uses the sacs. The game involves two teams each with two players. It also comprises of a two boards inclined to each other. The participants are supposed to aim the sacs into the holes. If the sacs rest on the boards or the holes, they are awarded scores. The participants with most scores win the game.

The aim is to get the sacs into the holes or on the board. They then earn points if the sacs land on the board or in the holes. The team with most points eventually wins the game. That is the use of the sacs in small sizes.

Ask any college student what is the ultimate piece of furniture for relaxation and they will tell you a beanbag. It is very comfortable, a welcome relief from the uncomfortable chairs that they have to sit on all day in lecture halls. On the other hand, beanbags are quite cheap, something that is of the essence to the average college student.

The elite people with sofa sets usually prefer the bags as foot rests. For the lot watching or playing, they can be used as make-shift tables due to their ability to change form. Once sat on, they provide a flat surface that can be used as a stool.

The bean bags also ease mobility as they are made of light weight foam. It becomes useful when one wants to move them from one room to another. They are also useful in changing positions like moving nearer or farther from the television. They also offer convenient bedding material for people who cannot afford duvets. Since they are durable, people who are constantly moving find bean bag products very easy to carry and mobile. They also reduce the cost of transportation and shipment as they can be compressed in the trucks. Take your time and choose the best ones.

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