Discussing The Five Big Roofing Problems In Wintertime

Roofing concerns will plague homeowners throughout the year, but no time is more bothersome than the winter months. Everything from ice and debris buildup to shingles damaged by storms can wreak havoc on your home’s comfort factor. These are the five biggest roofing concerns you face during the cold season.

Ice dams. Snow accumulation can cause a backup in your roof’s drainage system, leading to major ice buildup known as “damming.” Once ice enters your roof’s gutters, it is only a matter of time before ice starts collecting. Frozen roof parts will start leaking soon. To avoid this fate, carefully remove snow after storms.

Shovels breaking up roofing materials. Metal shovels will harm your current roofing materials unless you manage specific tools properly. Plastic shovel work most effectively, however, you can use metal-tipped instruments so long as the job isn’t irrelevant. Whenever hiring out the task of cleaning your home’s roof, ensure that the workers are told to proceed with caution to prevent breaking roofing shingles and creating other problems.

Leaking. Leaks in mid-winter are damaging for home owners, from the flooding and damage to property to the lowering of the overall “convenience” factor for your family. Talk to a local roofer to examine your home’s roof before winter comes so you know things are in sound condition and may handle any issues. These roofing contractors are usually more than happy to perform a free inspection. Soon after storms, complete a quick checkup on the problems as soon as the snow is slowly removed.

Broken shingles. Major winter storms can rip apart shingles and leave your home vulnerable to damage from the elements. However, many shingle issues arise even before winter begins. Make a regular review of the condition of shingles so you aren’t surprised by the first storm of the cold season. Whether you hire a roofer or feel comfortable looking on your own, periodic checks are essential.

Debris accumulation. Aside from snow accumulation and ice damming, homeowners face the risk of debris from trees and other elements of nature. High winter winds can blow materials from the area onto your roof, causing drains to clog, parts of the roof to become damaged and leaks to form. Few events are as shocking as discovering a leak in the dead of winter. Check on a roof’s condition immediately following a big storm.

Though roofs encounter countless dangers through the entire winter months, you may help prevent primary damage. Arrange roofing repairs and maintenance before the cold season hits.

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