Do it Yourself Ideas for Better Home Security

Security professionals realize that 90% of burglaries could be prevented. As a home owner, are you interested in lowering your risk of a home invasion? By following a few safety and security tips, you could decrease the chance that a burglar would break into your home by up to ninety percent.

To begin with, check the exterior of your home. Look at the lighting first. Are the doors and windows well lit? If not, then burglars will be able to easily hide in the shadows while they are breaking into your home. This problem is easily fixed by simply installing security lights.

The way you have landscaped is also a key factor in how attractive your home is to a criminal. Since they like to hide, they prefer to break into homes that have lots of large landscaping plants around the perimeter of the home. These plants also provide a climbing area for reaching the windows of the upper floors. Consider changing your landscaping if this describes your home.

Are you relying upon the locks that came preinstalled on your exterior doors? These locks are not very sturdy. A strong burglar could possible break right through. A smarter idea is to go to the hardware store and buy some high quality dead bolts. Make sure your door frames are solid as well.

Make sure that if someone breaks into your home, they create as much noise as possible. Install a home security system that comes with alarm sensors for all doors and window. When someone them, the sensor will be triggered and a loud siren will sound. This may be enough to scare the burglar off!

Dogs are also great about making noise. If you like pets, consider getting a dog to help you guard your house. Crooks really do not like barking dogs, and they do not like breaking into homes that have one. They know that they could get attacked, plus their presence is no longer a secret since the dog has announced him!

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