Double Hammocks For Twice the Fun And Sleep

Double hammocks, like their single counterparts; originated in Mexico with the Mayan people. They were made as a better way to rest outside and off the ground. Right after being uncovered by Spanish explorers, they were eventually taken back to Europe and adopted by the navies of several of those countries. The hammock was formally adopted by the British Royal Navy being a resting platform on the late 16th century. This common sleeping hammock was a netting or rope swing which was suspended from the ceiling and remained in use until just a couple years ago. Nowadays, they continue to be employed by independent sailors for sleeping who like the swaying motion to a fixed platform.

Now, imagine this. The sun is warm and high in the sky. A breeze is moving you back and forth a bit. Not enough to make you sleepy, but just enough to keep you relaxed. Next to you is a table with a pitcher of Sangria. Your wife is lying next to you with her favorite e-book and you’re listening to the weather report on the radio telling you that it’s going to be perfect all weekend. Life in a double hammock is sweet indeed!

For many people, double hammocks are viewed as the ideal sleep platform for summer sleeping and for vacations and holiday trips. It is almost impossible to see a commercial or look at a print ad for Caribbean Island or Hawaiian getaways and not see a hammock of some type. They are perfect for camping for similar reasons that the Mayans made them. Another factor to the double hammock is the sides may be wrapped all over a person for secure, fall-free sleeping. Today’s hammocks are extremely lightweight as well. A basic double hammock packs out at 20 pounds and can handle over three hundred pounds of sleeping camper.

Hammocks, single or double, are available now in every possible color and design. When you make your choice, be sure to look around your house first. You have to be certain that you have trees or other objects in the right place to hang your new purchase. If you don’t, you’ll have to install posts for that purpose. If you don’t want to put in that much effort, make sure you buy one with a built-in frame. The best thing about this style is that it can be set up inside a house or apartment as easily as outside.

Eventually, keep in mind these three things about double hammocks:

1) Similar to a tandem bicycle, double hammocks are just not similar by yourself. They are just really loved by a couple.

2) Porch swings are a dime a dozen. They don’t stick out and usually someone’s grandma is seated there along with her knitting. Be bold, be suspended! Get a hammock!

3) Maybe you’re not involved with someone to share a double hammock. Have you considered that maybe the problem is you don’t have any double hammocks in the first place? It can’t hurt to find out, so good luck and happy hammocking!

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