Eight Main Air Conditioner Parts and the way They Work

Right here is the collection of 8 major a/c parts and explanation of their key functioning in every air conditioning device.

1. air-con or heat pump compressor which compresses lower pressure refrigerant gas right into a very high pressure, high temperature air. Usually the pump is in the outdoor part of an air conditioning or heat pump device. The a/c or heat pump compressor device is basically a very high pressure pump motor driven by an electric motor. The air conditioning pump is often packaged in the outdoor compressor or condenser item.

2. A condenser or condensing item: traditionally a condensing coil contained within which warm temperature very high pressure refrigerant gas streams, and over which a fan delivers air to cool the refrigerant gas back into a desired liquid form (for that reason shifting heat from the refrigerant gas into the air being exaggerated via the fan). The condenser component is basically a coil of finned tubing and a fan to blow air across the coil. Usually the condenser equipment is in the backyard segment of an air conditioning structure, often packaged alongside the compressor electric motor discussed above

3. A metering appliance which provides liquid refrigerant within an evaporator coil. The metering device may be simply a slim component of tubing or it may be a bit more state-of-the-art thermostatic expansion valve consisting of a temperature sensing control which can open and shut the appliance against refrigerant flow.

4. An evaporator coil or chilling coil: generally the cooling coil is typically a component to finned tubing (it seems a lot like an auto radiator) within which liquid refrigerant is metered and permitted to disperse from liquid to gas form contained in the coil. This state swap of the refrigerant, from liquid to gas, takes up hot temperature, cooling the evaporator coil surface and thus cooling indoor air blown along the cooling coil. It is usual that the cooling coil is found inside the air handler.

5. An air handler and blower device that provides a fan to blow building air over or through the evaporator coil. The air handler blower fan device delivers building air across the evaporator coil surface with a purpose to condition building air by chilling it.

6. A duct structure which redirects cooled or heated air from the air handler in to the bedroom or office space, and which takes air from the room areas and returns it into the cooling unit air handler.

7. Heat Pump Systems use the very same components just like noted above, with the addition of a reversing valve that in simple terms lets the machine to work backwards in winter period. Therefore in air conditioning mode the heat pump is transferring high temperature from inside the building to outside while in warming mode the hotness pump is relocating heat from outdoor air towards the building indoors.

8. Air conditioner controls including an area thermostat, automatic switches, fuses or electrical circuit breakers, condensate handling device, and air filtration.

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