Ensure A Successful Westchester Bathroom Remodel With Some Advance Planning

A lot of Westchester, NY home buyers look for older homes in need of renovation when they are in the market for a new house. They would rather do the work required to make their home something that really reflects their tastes and lifestyles than purchase a newer home. Renovating can get expensive though, and many families prioritize their projects to fit their budgets. They may do the kitchen one year and take on the bathrooms the next. The success of a Westchester bathroom remodel can depend on taking simple steps along the way.

Seasoned renovators know that budgeting the project is the first, and one of the most important, steps. You don’t have to spend hours traveling from one home improvement store to the next to find the perfect appliances, flooring, lighting and accessories. You can browse online and even have items delivered to your door if you wish. You will need to decide on the style and design along with the budget.

Getting organized and making sure all the equipment and tools you need are in good working order is very important. All the materials should be measured and ready for installation as well. You don’t want to have to stop what you are doing and make an unexpected trip to the hardware store. It will put your project behind schedule.

If your funds are limited, you may have to pick and choose which fixtures you are going to replace. One suggestion a lot of professionals make is to consider changing out old lighting with something newer and more striking. A standing lamp in a corner might be a nice touch if you have room. Sconces give off reflected light, and a table lamp atop a small inlaid table can also create an interesting atmosphere.

A new shower stall can transform a bathing area, but it is not a little or uncomplicated project. If you have the expertise, you can choose something customized to fit the space you have. Be sure you remember to provide a niche that can hold all your bottles of oils, lotions, soaps, conditioners and shampoos.

Most professionals suggest including one thing you want to splurge on with every remodeling job. It might be an antique bathtub or something much more affordable like a really nice sink and faucet set. Even if you have to sacrifice something else to make this purchase, you will notice the special touch every time you enter the room.

There is never anything wrong with calling a professional if you get in a bind or need advice and help in the beginning. If you are uncomfortable with certain aspects of the project such as wiring or plumbing, you should definitely contact someone with experience and expertise.

People who love to renovate usually have plans for the next project before the last one is finished. Once you have tried redoing a room on your own, you may decide you really enjoy the creativity and the challenge as well.

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