Extra Long Shower Curtains And Hookless Shower Curtains

Bathrooms with high vertical clearing are the perfect setup for extra long shower curtains. With these curtains, there is no cause for worry on the part of a homeowner whether the rod is too high that the curtains may not be enough to cover him while enjoying his bath. And because these curtains do not leave even an inch of space between them and the floor, they keep the water from scattering all over the bathroom.

Homeowners with bath tubs and Jacuzzis at home will find an ideal match in Locking extra long shower curtains are also perfect for homeowners with bath tubs and Jacuzzis at home. They are assured of having plenty of fabric covering the area from the top down to the tiles should their hands get caught on the curtain towards the bath tub.. Should their hands get caught on the curtain towards the bath tub, they are still assured of having plenty of fabric covering the area from the top down to the tiles.

Another service of extra long shower curtains is the prevention of younger children getting out of the bath tub by themselves. They serve as a lock blocking the children’s path during play. This is accomplished with the simple tucking of the shower curtain on the side.

There are several different varieties of hookless shower curtains available on the market today. They all attach through different methods, each working with existing standard shower curtain rods. The more important aspect of these curtains is their elimination of the hooks.

Equipped with a built-in flexible split-ring system, there are hookless shower curtains that simply fit over a curtain rod. There are also curtains that utilize ties, eliminating the fumbling that comes with hard-to-use rings. The added advantage to this type of curtains is the absence of the need to individually bind each tie.

The elimination of the threat of mold and mildew has been addressed by water-repelling hookless shower curtains. For rod attachment purposes, these curtains use buttons, snaps or Velcro. While each method has its individual drawbacks, all these methods have one thing in common, i.e., they do away with the hassle that comes with dealing with hooks

Hookless shower curtains have certainly taken one pain away from homeowners, i.e., the pain of having to use hooks, which is a fact that anyone who has ever hung a traditional shower curtain will attest to.

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