Factors To Keep In Mind When Finding Chimney Cleaning And Maintenance Service

For the winter months, people are usually stuck by the fire, sipping hot beverages by the fire. By the time the cold spell ends, there is a lot of soot accumulation in the chimneys. When conducting spring cleaning, an area that will require maximum attention is the chimney. Most people would desire to clean their own chimneys without the help of a sweep. There are a few steps that need to be followed for effective chimney repair and maintenance.

Inspect the chimneys area first. Take note of the surface that is there, whether it is sensitive or can handle the cleaning procedures. This kind of information will go a long way in telling you whether you will need to have a sweep clean or whether you can handle it on you own.

Set up the hearth and adjacent areas for cleaning by using sheeting on them. Sensitive areas like the carpet will require to have extra protection. On these, lay a double sheeting.

Gather the cleaning supplies that you will need to clean beforehand. By doing this you will be saved the effort of going back and forth looking for them. You will also avoid spread of dirt all around the house.

Protect yourself when conducting the cleaning. Put on a pair of fabric gloves. Try and avoid rubber as the soot will tend to stick to the gloves due to static shock. Also, put on a mask to keep your nose and mouth safe from the falling soot.

Now, the actual process of cleaning commences. Begin by going to the top of the chimneys and scrubbing through with a brush from above. Once you are through go to the bottom of the chimney, where the fireplace is and scrub thoroughly. Ensure that you have reached all corners of the chimney. Use an antistatic brush and a dustpan to collect all the deposits. Alternatively, if you had laid a bed of newspaper you can pick up the newspapers.

The chimney repair and maintenance process should end with you cleaning all the tools and equipment. This will ensure that they last longer. The residue on them may also be very harmful when left to stand. It has been known to trigger allergic reactions in a lot of people. You should also scrub your hands thoroughly with a lot of water and soap. Take your time and choose the best service.

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