Best Holiday Picks: Adventure Travel World Cruise

by Ray Walberg

Many travelers do not like the idea of abandoning the comforts of home when traveling, yet still would like to experience many adventures and activities one can enjoy on an adventure travel holiday. They may want to try kayaking or rock climbing but also want to avoid roughing it in the wilderness.

Fortunately, travelers can have the best of both worlds with an adventure travel world cruise with which they can enjoy fine dining and quality accommodations aboard a first rate cruise ship in addition to the opportunity to also experience the outdoors. Keep in mind that these adventure travel world cruises are not average-rated cruises, but rather last for weeks and sometimes months offering vacationers plenty of time to participate in many adrenaline pumping adventure activities.

Cruise ships are known for luxury which is exactly what travelers will desire after a day of outdoor experiences. They can enjoy the finest cuisine, quality service and a variety of entertainment options ranging from trying their luck in the casino or watching a film in the movie theatre. Some of the top chefs prepare the best cuisine ensuring there is always a delicious meal to be enjoyed as well as talented comedians providing guests entertainment and laughter.

The luxury on board is, certainly, a benefit to adventure travel world cruises, but the vacation really begins off the cruise ship. Guests can get a real taste of adventure with activities such as hiking, scuba diving, jet skiing and canoeing in locations all throughout the world. Guests can participate in adventures to be remembered for a lifetime all created in fabulous locations, such as the blue water of the Caribbean or the North African shores. Guests can experience a variety of cultures, customs and landscapes. The rain forests of South America are magnificent with the colorful array of foliage, while the towering Himalayas are excellent for hiking or rock climbing. Basically, adventure travel world cruises turns the world into a giant “playground” for its guests!

There are several travel packages available to prospective travelers. Many of the cruises are around two weeks in duration with prices beginning at $500, however, these cruises generally focus on one geographic area such as the bahamas or even Benidorm, Spain. The complete adventure world tours are over three months in duration and, obviously, significantly more expensive with the cost easily exceeding $10,000. The complete world tours allow guests to travel nearly everywhere throughout the world and experience many more activities than possible in any other vacation.

If you seek adventure but not the entire outdoor experience, an adventure travel world cruise would be the perfect vacation for you. You can see new places, meet new people and experience adventure yet do so with the comforts of a cruise ship.

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