Holidays With a Wild Flair

by Jerry Blackburn

You may have heard people talk about adventure travel. You could have seen an advertisement or caught a piece of a travel show about this kind of fun and unique outdoor vacation, but you may not know what it really is all about. You’re curious if you are missing out on something everyone else is enjoying. Just what is an adventure holiday?

The term ‘adventure holidays’ actually encompasses a lot of traveling options, not just taking an African safari. There are a number of kinds of adventure outdoor vacations that are available in today’s holiday market. The scope of the adventures that are available are as different as how average people would define the word adventure.

For some, an adventure holiday involves camping in a new location and seeing a new region or country. Others think there needs to be some water involvement, maybe kayaking of white water rapids for it to be a real adventure. The reality is these are both adventure vacations as would be going on a hot air balloon trip or even hiking a mountain. What a real adventure outdoor vacation is all depends on what is an adventure in your mind.

Many people believe the idea of adventure is really experiencing some place when you visit. That means not just going on the guided tours or snapping a couple of pictures, but going to a location and making yourself a part of the environment to really feel what it is like to be there. While you can choose to go to foreign countries to do this, you can also have this kind of adventure experience in locations close to your home, by really visiting a place while you are there and not just playing tourist. Adventure vacations in this case are much more than going sight seeing. Adventure vacations are becoming a part of the place you are visiting, to better understand it.

While you may think that adventure travel is only for those who are young and in perfect shape, the truth is anything but. Adventure travel has become a very popular activity for all age groups. There are even senior specific adventure travel groups where older couples take off together to try things they never have had the time for or been able to do before in their lives. These can include horseback riding along the benidorm beaches.

If you decide to become an adventure traveler, you will be able to meet people from all sorts of life styles, but you will all have one thing in common, a love of traveling and adventure. You will be able to start friendships knowing that you all have a common love for a deeper form of travel. You may well end up finding great new friends and taking off together on future adventure travels.

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