Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

by Phil Sikes

If you are willing to be just a little bit creative this Halloween season, you should be able to come up with several Halloween costume ideas that will be fun for both you and your kids while not breaking your budget at the same time. Many of the most interesting Halloween costume ideas are also simple to put together and cheap to buy.

If your goal is to keep the Halloween costume for your child as cheap as possible for this year’s Halloween activities, you are going to have to make the costume yourself. Start by thinking of what your child will be dressed as and then spend some time considering what materials you will need to make it a reality.

For example, assume that your son decides he would like to dress as a pirate for Halloween. One good first step is to search for pirate costumes online and find one that both you and your child like. Then, use that picture as a sort of guide for designing your own. But don’t stop there. Add your own interesting details and accessories to make the costume unique. You can make a scary pirate’s sword and a classic pirate’s hat by using some cardboard and, in the case of the sword, aluminum foil.

Thrift stores are a great place to find Halloween costume accessories. A pirate modeled after Captain Jack Sparrow could be made especially fun with an eye patch or some makeup.

If your little daughter has her heart set on dressing as a princess, such as Snow White, you will probably run into a few more difficulties trying to make the costume at home for a lower price. In this case you will definitely need a good picture of the kind of costume your daughter wants so that you can make the costume as similar to it as possible. Make sure that the important parts of the costume that will most stand out are well done. Snow White, for example, would need good color coordination and the properly designed hair.

Cinderella’s costume, on the other hand, relies heavily on the shoes and dress. Unfortunately, making a princess’s dress is no easy task. Designing a dress made from pieces of clothing you already have can work, but keep in mind that it is sure to be quite time consuming as well, especially if you find that you need to make some changes to it after your daughter tries it on.

If you’re not handy enough to make the costume, but still want to save a few bucks, then here are several ways to do just that! You might try looking on eBay. There will be many, many costumes listed this time of year, and you might get a great deal on a barely used or new costume that fits the bill!

Just taking some time to think about costume ideas will help you to find a cheap solution for your Halloween costume.

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