Making A Great Halloween Costume

by John Dawson

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a challenge! So many choices, only one spooky day to dress up! As a general rule only one Halloween outfit per person is required , although some people chose to wear different ones in the daytime to the one they wear in the evening for trick or treating or partying . A few wear different costumes to parties on other days. In order to get in the spirit this year, you must find a costume that exemplifies your personality and style while keeping you comfortable and safe.

When you are on a trick-or-treat night visit to any of the places in the Northern Hemisphere, it is better that you are wearing warm outfits. In order to get the most treats, be prepared to put in the footwork. Safety is an important feature of your Halloween Costume to consider when wandering amongst the ghosts and ghouls at night. Treats are always important than tricks and one should make themselves aware of it.

Inspite of repeated warning regarding trick-or-treaters very few drivers control speed or take little care. Keeping your Halloween Costume bright and visible will make it easier for drivers to see and avoid you. Try adding glow in the dark accessories to brighten up darker colors, or just to make a plain white ghost extra eerie.

Some of the best Halloween Costumes are homemade, and there are plenty of sources for inspiration. Your local craft store as well as magazines and websites leave you plenty of time to make your own. It can be as simple as gathering a few items and dressing as a famous person, or an occupation. Take a construction worker, which is fun for boys and girls of all ages, you need: a t-shirt (white or a light color for maximum visibility in the dark)a belt that contains tools (real tools or tools made of plastic), a pair of jeans, and a hard hat. A costume doesn’t have to be complicated to win a prize at the Halloween party.

Another idea for a costume that is easy and affordable is to simply wear something from your closet and paint your face. The pattern can be unusual and frightening, or it can be beautiful like a butterfly. If you wish to go for additional gore and do not care if clothing is ruined, just add fake blood and play the role of victim.

No matter what your choice, ensure that your Halloween Costume is something you are happy with, meaning that you are less preoccupied with your clothes and have more time to enjoy yourself.

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