Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

by Phil Sikes

Halloween is a fun time for most, but not necessarily so for animals. There are several things to consider for this holiday to keep your pets safe and healthy. I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories about the latest batch of Satanists or witches who find that Halloween is the perfect time to do a little sacrificial action. Unfortunately, this is all too true and every year some unsuspecting black cat is a victim of this kind of activity. Let’s look at some guidelines to help keep Fluffy out of harm’s way!

* Pet black cats should be kept in the house not just on the day of Halloween itself but also on the days before the holiday. The seriousness of the situation is underscored by the fact that most animal shelters refuse to give black cats to anyone during the entire month of October because of the possible dangers. Of course, black cats are not the only pets potentially in harm’s way during Halloween.

* Dogs are also better off inside the house or in some other way detained during Halloween festivities. This is because some dogs may become over excited or over protective of the home when they see trick-or-treaters waking through the neighborhood. You certainly would not want your dog to get loose and chase down some unsuspecting children.

* Be very aware of the kids treats that your pets will want to ingest. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats, and the wrapping they come in won’t do them any good either. No matter how nicely they sit up and beg, don’t give in!

* Especially at Halloween time, it is very important that you dog or cat have the proper identification tags on them. If for some reason your pets get away from you, everything will work out much better if they are wearing current ID tags.

* If you have a party at your home, make sure the pets aren’t invited. Put them in a secure room or some other place. All these strange sights will only cause them confusion, and someone may end up getting bitten. Better safe than sorry.

* Alcohol is extremely dangerous for both dogs and cats. It can actually be lethal. Taking that into consideration, if you notice that someone at your party is trying to offer alcohol to your pets, it would be best to ask them to leave. Not doing so could be harmful to your pets.

Halloween is lots of fun, but that fun is not designed for pets. Keeping them safe and secure on Halloween night will ensure that they will stay with you for years to come.

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