Spending Your Holidays in China

by Jerry Blackburn

The Climate and Clothing It is good to travel to China in the fall that goes from September to November. The temperature is going to be comfortable and go between 50 and 72 degrees. You may find a chance of rain in there somewhere but otherwise it is great.

You may want to stay away from the “four Furnaces” of China during the summer and these are going to be Chongging, When, Nanchang, and Tianjing.

China also has four seasons and they are going to be spring in March and May, summer from June to August, autumn in September to November and winter in January to February. You should be sure that you are bringing the right type of clothes with you for each season.

Summer is going to be the rainy time in China and you will need to bring a raincoat with you. You should not use an umbrella because of the high winds.

Chinese people are conservative and they do not wear revealing clothing at all.

Women should bring pants of some kind with them because Chinese temples do not prohibit women to wear skirts.

What you should bring to China Clothing should not be something that you worry about when you are going to visit China. Clothing is very inexpensive and you can get them for great souvenirs. You should pack light and get the rest of what you need as you go.

You should take a Bible with you in China too. The Chinese are very informed with their Christianity and Christian Catechism.

A few things are not allowed in China too. This would be drugs and weapons of any kind. You should not bring with you any type of biological products, waste materials, human bodies, blood and animals that may bring disease with them. You do not want to bring any items that are harmful to China’s financial economy, politics, culture or ethics. These could include films, tapes and anything written of any kind.

When you get there You will want to have a health check before you leave the airport. This is to ensure that you do not bring any type of disease to the country.


It is a good idea to not take pictures at aerodromes, and at military and political places in China. Never take pictures of any airplanes or any part of one because this could get you into trouble. If you want to take pictures of people that live there and what they have, you should make sure that, you get their permission to do so first.

You should not take pictures in a museum because this is usually not allowed. Be aware of this before you go into any place that you would like to photograph. Make sure that you get permission first so that you are not getting yourself in trouble.

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