The Real Secret To Making Halloween Candy Safe For Your Kids

by Phil Sikes

There are always new and more disturbing stories of poisoned or otherwise tainted Halloween candy that come to the public’s attention each year. For that reason, parents are often very concerned about keeping their kids safe during Halloween celebrations.

The picture isn’t all bleak, however. There are safeguards you can put in place as parents to ensure your child not only has a great time, but comes home unharmed. Here are some great Halloween candy safety tips to heed and implement this year. Make sure your child understands and follows them to the letter.

* Do not eat any treats that are wrapped loosely. If the wrapper is loose than it is very possible that the candy has also had something done to it. Candy that is wrapped tightly is usually a safe bet.

* Keep your kids from overindulging in their trick-or-treating spoils by giving them a full meal before you leave the house in search of sweets and treats.

* Do not let your children decide to eat what candy they want. Instead, decide for yourself which candy you will permit your children to eat. It is not easy to prevent your kids from eating candy they want without you being aware of it. You could establish a similar rule and let your kids eat all the candy they want from friends’ houses that you know you can trust.

* Check all fruits and homemade treats for punctures and cuts. Every year we hear stories of apples and other fruits laden with pins, needles and razor blades. Inspect these treats carefully.

* To protect yourself and maybe start a new trend in your neighborhood, maybe affix some of those free address labels you get tons of in the mail to the candy you give out, taking responsibility and helping out your own neighbors peace of mind.

* Tell your kids to take a mental note of who gives them what candies. Even though they will not be able to remember every individual person they meet on Halloween night, reminding them to do so without intimidating them or scaring them could turn out to be very helpful.

* Above all else, one rule regarding Halloween candy must always be followed with absolutely no possible exceptions. When in doubt, throw it out! Doing this will eliminate almost all dangers when it comes to Halloween candy.

* It is always preferable for parents to go trick-or-treating along with their children. Also, try to take advantage of the late afternoon and early evening to do trick-or-treating instead of going late at night.

Hopefully these suggestions will be able to help you have a safe and fun Halloween with your children.

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