Caring For Your Parents

by Alex Jensen

As we become adults, we are faced with important decisions throughout our life. We deal with them the best we can, but what about our parents? The decision on whether to put them in a home is a brutal one.

Modern medicine has extended the lifespan of many people. While we all want to live longer, caring for ourselves when we are 70 or 80 is another issue. In fact, it is one that is twisting families into emotional pretzels.

You may have positive, mixed or negative feelings regarding your parents, but there is no doubt they have historically been the authoritative figure in your life. This notion is often turned on its head when elder care decisions are made.

The decision you face is tough. Do you put a parent in a home or bring them to yours and care for them? Many consider bringing a parent home, but how big a burden is this? It can radically change your life.

As you can probably tell already, the answers to these questions are difficult. Guilt, anger, financial stress and marital stress are all things that can come up. You owe your parents, but to what extent? There is no correct answer.

At first glance, many people consider bringing their parents home to care for them. This is noble and makes sense emotionally since they, of course, cared for you. This is a huge burden, however, which can lead to emotional and financial stress.

Should you bring parents home to live with you? Well, it is definitely an option, but it can cause a tremendous amount of stress on your life. Generally, it is not advisable. If a parent is suffering from dementia, it should generally be considered a mistake.

As our parents age, a percentage of them will suffer from some form of dementia. It is a brutal thing to watch. It is so emotionally vicious that trying to care for the parent is really risking your own emotional health.

Dementia turns your parents into children with similar needs. The wear and tear of watching them fade away is simple too much to take for any normal person. Get professional help. Put them in a home with dementia care.

Overall, placing parents in professional elder care facilities is a smart decision. There are a variety of options, so they can get the care they need. They will also be surrounded by other seniors.

While you might feel guilty about putting a parent in a home, you are usually making the correct decision. With professional care and interaction with fellow seniors, they are going to have a higher standard of life and you can visit them at any time.

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